Chemical Dosing Systems and Water Softeners

Total Water Services can design, build, install and commission bespoke water treatment dosing systems from a wide variety of suppliers to ensure our customers have the most suitable and cost efficient method of applying their treatment regimes.  We are fully experienced in both liquid and solid chemical dosing systems supplying boilers, cooling towers, closed systems, swimming pools and process systems.

For closed water system we recommend the Vexo – Xpot to all our clients.  It is a magnetic filter, a conventional filter, a dirt and air separator and dosing pot all in one unit.  It sits in the same footprint as a normal dosing pot and cleans the system constantly by removing iron oxide deposits and other suspended debris from the recirculating water, air is removed via the automatic air vent on the unit and it also has the facility for adding chemicals to the system to maintain their levels.  There is a wide variety of filter sizes that can be used depending on the system application. The Xpot is especially good at removing debris from system that contain glycol as the system does not have to be drained down at great expense and then re-dosed with fresh antifreeze.

Water softeners

Our dedicated softener engineer can install, service, disinfect and repair all types and sizes of softeners from all the major manufacturers.  If you need information on which would be the best softener for you then simply get in touch with your location and we can size the correct unit for you


Over the years Total Water Services have developed key services that have added to the Company’s impressive portfolio, these include:-

• Boiler, cooling and closed system water treatment
• Legionella risk assessments for cooling towers, domestic and process water systems
• Microbiological sampling and analytical testing
• Services to the facilities management sector
• Environmental services including the HSG274 cleaning and disinfection of cooling
towers and domestic water systems
• Water hygiene services
• Pre-commission cleaning in accordance with the latest BSRIA guidance
• Specialist descaling and chemical cleaning
• Degreasing and passivation of stainless steel pipework
• Training and consultancy services
• Supply and installation of dosing and control equipment
• Supply and service of pre-treatment equipment
• Electronic Monitoring