Total Water Services can carry out on site training for clients personnel in Legionella Awareness, boiler water chemistry, cooling water treatment, closed system testing, chemical handling and dosing, dosing equipment training, water softener testing and diagnosis, swimming pool testing. The training courses can be tailored to sites’ individual needs ensuring that client personnel receive the correct information to manage the equipment they are responsible for. This will help them develop the skills necessary to achieve the competence to complete the tasks required for the company to remain compliant with the legislation


Over the years Total Water Solutions have developed key services that have added to the company’s impressive portfolio, these include:-

• Boiler, cooling and closed system water treatment
• Legionella risk assessments for cooling towers, domestic and process water systems
• Legionella and Pseudomonas risk assessments for health care premises
• Microbiological sampling and analytical testing
• Services to the facilities management sector
• Environmental services including the HSG274 cleaning and disinfection of cooling
towers and domestic water systems
• Water hygiene services
• Air hygiene
• Pre-commission cleaning in accordance with the latest BSRIA guidance
• Specialist descaling and chemical cleaning
• Degreasing and passivation of stainless steel pipework
• Training and consultancy services
• Supply and installation of dosing and control equipment
• Supply and service of pre-treatment equipment
• Supply and service of Abulox, a stable active halogen
• Electronic Monitoring